• 03.28.14

Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? [Championship]

See the winners of the Final Four and vote for who will win the final matchup. Polls close Sunday, March 30, at 9 p.m.

Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? [Championship]
[Graphic and Illustration: Gus Wezerek / Fast Company]

Welcome to the Final Four of Co.Design Bracket Madness! With your help, we’ve compiled a bracket featuring some of the greatest designers alive. Your job is to help crown a winner.


Readers have cast almost 85,000 votes so far, pushing their favorite designers closer and closer to the championship. Vignelli and Marcotte both posted strong showings, but the elder statesman of graphic design won out in the end. Rams vs. Gehry, on the other hand, was like Ive vs. Knoll all over again–almost a total rout. Here are the results in full:

Massimo Vignelli beat Ethan Marcotte, receiving 56% of the vote vs. Marcotte’s 44%
Dieter Rams beat Frank Gehry, 79% to 21%

Vote for Vignelli or Rams, and we’ll announce the winners on Monday, March 31, at 9 a.m. Born just a year apart, the two titans have storied careers spanning back to the 1950s. Vignelli and Rams made their marks in different fields of design, but each has preached the minimalist gospel from the get-go, with a still-popular stable of work to back up their wisdom. Who will walk away with the crown?

Suzanne LaBarre and Mark Wilson contributed reporting.

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