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Infographic of the Day

Cyber Threats Mapped In Real Time Look Like A Giant Laser Battle

Better duck and cover, or just get some decent antivirus software.

Cyber Threats Mapped In Real Time Look Like A Giant Laser Battle

Thanks to a vast network of gunships and submarines, the modern intercontinental missile can make its way just about anywhere in the world in about 30 minutes. Sounds fast, until you realize that the piece of malware that could hijack those missiles could circle the globe in mere milliseconds.

This is the modern era of cyber warfare, and you can see the battle play out in real time in this interactive map by the security company Kaspersky Lab. The lab rendered Earth in an awesome, all-out laser battle in which, much like those doomsday bombing projections from the Cold War, Russia and the United States are being bombarded the most. I keep zooming in and out and spinning the globe to appreciate the glowing fight; it's like war porn. We may be destroying ourselves one virus at a time, but at least it’s rendered so beautifully.

Presumably, the security specialists built the visualization to sell us on their security software. I’ll say, it’s working. Because all of the extra information they’ve managed to encode within the visual—like the colors that explain how the malware was detected, or the individual clickable country statistics—matter to me at no level at all. I just see chaos while I wonder why I opened that stupid email fwd from an extended family member.

Try it here.

[Hat tip: Prosthetic Knowledge]