• 05.01.14

3-D Is The Next Wave In Tattoo Design

Through clever shadows and detail work, these tattoos look 3-D. Of course, a gross tattoo looks even grosser in 3-D.

Perhaps 3-D is best suited to the grotesque. As anyone who’s seen Jackass 3D knows, it can be the gross, the unpleasant, and the visually painful that ultimately become the most visceral when given the 3-D treatment. Italian tattoo studio Lippo Tattoo seems to take that side: The studio creates mock 3-D tattoos using shadows and perspectives, and the most affecting of them are sort of … grisly.


Lippo Tattoo uses one particular technique where the skin appears to be peeling like wallpaper that can reveal something almost Magritte-esque, like a blue sky with fluffy white clouds or something more anatomically accurate (yet still shocking) like blood and raw flesh.

Lippo Tattoo’s more conventional work of portraits and landscapes is just as lovely. You can see more of the studio’s creations on their Facebook page.

[via VisualNews]

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