Photos Merge New Hampshire’s Finest Cultural Fixtures: Covered Bridges And Drag Queens

Andre Rosa’s Kickstarter-funded project merges the two things that he feels has the most cultural currency in New Hampshire: covered bridges and drag queens.

The software engineer turned calendar publisher, who’s based in Manchester, joked about his light bulb moment last summer to a friend, then realized he was onto something. He decided to create a monthly calendar featuring centerfolds of drag queens in front of covered bridges.

Rosa released some of the images to Co.Design to show us what he has been up to. Many of the New Hampshire residents Rosa met were friendly and encouraging. But taking pictures of drag queens decked out on or in front of covered bridges wasn’t always a cinch. One time, Rosa says, the owner of a covered bridge refused to let him shoot there, because his bridge was a “wholesome place.”

The austere, weathered wood of the Northeastern covered bridge, so reminiscent of America’s Puritanical past, strangely transforms when photographed with some of the state’s more colorful people. Big wigs, heavily made-up faces, and pink stockings pop jarringly against the melancholy, wooded landscapes, and the result is striking.

Check out more photos here or buy the calendar here.