A Travel App That Practically Packs Your Bags For You

Always pack the wrong number of socks? PackPoint learns about your trip, then plans your suitcase for you.

A Travel App That Practically Packs Your Bags For You

All of us want to pack light for a trip, to save the $25 of checking a bag by sausaging a week’s worth of clothing into a plane’s overhead compartment. But if you’re as indecisive as I am, you can never quite decide what you should pack, so you simultaneously under- and overpack, with jackets for every climate and social situation but only one pair of sneakers and no toothbrush.


PackPoint is a (free) Android app to solve your packing woes. Its streamlined interface asks just a few basic questions: Are you a man or woman? Are you traveling on business or leisure? How many days are you going for? And where exactly are you going?

From this, the system will cross-reference the weather against your itinerary and develop a wardrobe, electronics needs, and toiletries plan to match. You tap on a list of checkboxes as you pack, or if the PackPoint has been overzealous with suggestions, you can swipe away any item you don’t want to bring.

But what I actually like most about PackPoint is how elegantly it customizes your trip just for you. This is done in the “Activities” panel, where you can click an icon to designate if you’re bicycling, bringing a baby, or going to a fancy dinner on your trip.

Ultimately, a predictive system like Google Now would know your preferences intimately enough just to tell you to remember bike shorts. But PackPoint leverages a relatively spartan interface to learn a whole lot about you and your trip in a very short amount of time.

Now if only PackPoint would release an iOS version as well, I could finally ditch my trusty finger toothbrush.

Download it here.

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