A Sleek-Looking Water Filter And Seltzer Maker In One

Lately, we’ve seen a spate of new products aimed at improving the way we drink water. There’s Fuseproject’s ultra-sleek product for SodaStream, called the Source, as well as Soma’s, elegant water filter. Now you can add the Strauss Bubble Bar to that list.

New Deal Design has recently created a product that does double duty: The Strauss Bubble Bar is both a water filtration system and an at-home seltzer maker. “It’s a very complex-under-the-hood type of product, with the electronics and pumps and so on,” says Gadi Amit, president of New Deal Design. “So creating something that was simple and striking was a major undertaking.”

That complicated engine–some two dozen interlocking parts about the size of a fist, Amit says–allows the Bubble Bar to filter, carbonate, and heat the water for tea. It also cools drinking water to a palatable temperature. “We rarely drink room temperature water, so there’s a kind of refrigerator inside,” Amit tells Co.Design. Unlike a Soma or a Brita, the Bubble Bar is an electronic gadget. So whereas the former employ gravity–water is purified once it trickles through a filter–the Bubble Bar does that automatically. It’s hooked up to a water line to automatically feed in the H2O and the machinery inside pressurizes and cleans that water.

To fit all of the new mechanics inside its curvy exterior shell, Amit adapted a previous version of the Strauss water filter (also designed by his firm) by creating a spine in the back that could discreetly house the gas bottle, which produces the carbonation. To give the Bubble Bar a low profile, despite its expanded size, they created a front shelf that can fold up like a Murphy bed, and can accommodate pitchers and glasses near the spout.

Check out Strauss’s site for information about pricing.MR