This Horrifying Wall Of Eyeballs Follows Your Every Move

It’s remarkably easy to forget that we’re being watched by cameras, cell towers, GPS satellites, and even Wi-Fi networks. In London alone, there are 7,431 cameras watching pedestrians and drivers all the time.

Eyestalkers wants to snap us out of our oblivion. An art project by the Dutch interactive studio Front40, Eyestalkers is a creepy gaggle of eyes that sits in a window. It might not seem to be paying attention to anyone walking by on the sidewalk until–swoop–20 eyes fall right on you.

Watching the video, it’s particularly salient to witness those moments when children realize that they’re being watched by this army of eyes. They’re flat-out stupefied that anyone or thing might be watching. The younger generations never grew up through a family’s first camcorder, or a city’s first auto-ticketing red light camera. Cameras were always part of the social and urban landscape. But to be tracked by a wall full of eyeballs? That’s enough to make anyone squirm.

Eyestalkers is currently installed in a window near the city center of Deventer. It’s on display (or is it you who’s on display?) until April 13.

Learn more here.

[Hat tip: Prosthetic Knowledge]