The Wonderful World Of Whiskey, In One Boozy Chart

Now available from Pop Chart Lab, the Many Varieties of Whiskey print aims to chart the guiding lights of the whiskey world with the Brooklyn-based company’s customary aplomb. It categorizes and distills (forgive the pun) each type of whiskey down into groups, from scotch to bouron to single malt to gut-blasting moonshine.

From there, each type of whiskey is further delineated by style. Scotch whiskey, for example, splits into blended, grain, and single malt varieties. From there, single malt scotch bifurcates into geographical areas: Highland whiskeys, Island whiskeys, Lowland whiskeys, and more. Finally, from there, many of the most popular whiskeys are broken out as a consortium of brands, from undrinkable piss (Crown Royal) to eminently guzzlable (Elijah Craig).

Available as an 18″ x 24″ chart, the Many Varieties Of Whisky also comes as a limited edition wood engraving. The engraved version was inspired by the look of whiskey barrels: It’s laser-etched into cherry wood, outfitted with metal cask straps, hung in a handsomely chamfered red oak, and finished off with a piece of real cork in the middle.

The Many Varieties of Whiskey (in both wood and print) are available now at Pop Chart Lab, starting at $23.