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Skyscraper Enthusiast Seeking Skyscraper Enthusiast: The World's Cutest Job Listing

All those with an undying love of supertall architecture, inquire within.

[Image: Chicago via Shutterstock]

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat—the organization that decides important issues like whether New York City’s 1 World Trade Center is really taller than Chicago’s Willis Tower—is on the hunt for a database editor. And boy is there nothing cuter than how professional skyscraper enthusiasts go about seeking fellow professional skyscraper enthusiasts:

Are you obsessed with tall-building info? Do you have a keen interest in all things tall and urban? If so, then the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the place for you!

...We are looking for someone with good recordkeeping skills, a nose for news, and an ability to cultivate reliable sources and solicit accurate data, and most importantly, an undying affinity for all things tall.

There have got to be at least a few data experts out there who can boast an eternal obsession with the kind of architecture that rises from the Earth like a giant middle finger to gravity, right? Bonus points for knowing the difference between a supertall and just "aspiringly tall."

For more on the fascinating folks who determine which buildings are truly the tallest and fairest of them all, head over to our friends at Co.Exist.

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