The Netflix Of Caffeine Gives You Unlimited Access To Indie Coffee Shops

New Yorkers are about to get waaay more caffeinated. CUPS, a subscription based coffee app that started in Israel in 2012, launched this week in New York City, offering an unlimited monthly coffee plan redeemable at more than 30 indie coffee shop locations around the city.

In startup lingo, it’s pretty much the Netflix of caffeine. Plunk down 45 bucks a month, and get unlimited brewed coffee, pour-overs, tea, etc. Spring for the premium $85 plan to get espresso drinks. The unlimited plans include all sizes, so if you’re a major latte fanatic, $85 a month is kind of a steal.

Of course, that’s only if your favorite coffee haunt happens to be a CUPS partner–the company is working on adding more locations, but it’s largely confined to pockets of Lower Manhattan right now, leaving most Brooklynites and Upper Manhattan dwellers buying cups of coffee the old-fashioned way.

Once you’ve committed to drinking as many foamy lattes as humanly possible within those confines, the app lets you search for nearby participating locations, either through a map interface or by scrolling through a cascade of pretty cafe pictures. When you get to the counter, you just select the drink you want via the app and hand the phone to the cashier to enter a payment code. No talking required, as all pre-coffee transactions should be.

I feel a caffeine buzz coming on already.

Download here for iOS, here for Android.SF