Maze-Like Sauna Is A Steamy Winter Retreat

Boston-based Matter Design has come up with a sauna that’s certain to both relax and intrigue. In this narrow structure, built for a New England farm, you get to your steam room by climbing a series of picturesque, enclosed wooden stairways.

Named Spruce, after its material, the sauna features sweeping, curved ceilings and–in addition to the actual steam-filled room–separate rooms with different humidity levels for changing, showering, and taking a cool dip in the pool after a visit to the hot-box. Its functions are nested vertically to give the sauna a compact footprint, putting each room in the sauna regimen a few steps up the stairs from the last.

The undulating ceiling is designed to circulate the steam rising from the coals. According to the architects, “similar to an upside-down bathtub, the ceiling holds the steam at a specific elevation that one can slip above and below as moving through the programs”–so users need not be blasted with steam as they move through the different rooms.

Just looking at it is pretty relaxing.