A Shipping Container Hotel You Can Play Jenga With

Hive-Inn, a new hotel concept by Hong-Kong-based architects at OVA Studio, looks like what might happen if Times Square and Las Vegas had a baby. And that baby grew up and had a baby with the game Jenga.

The structure is composed of recycled shipping containers that could be inserted and removed, depending on the needs of the hotel. The building’s grid structure would allow one container to be slotted in and taken out without disturbing the containers above or below. Because of this, the architects postulate, these shipping container rooms could be sponsored by major brands. It’s a curious branding idea. A company like Ferrari, for instance, might sponsor a room and outfit it inside and out. These company-sponsored containers might only included in the hotel for a limited time before they’re swapped out for a room designed by another company.

While presented as a hotel, the concept isn’t limited to just the hospitality industry. The shipping containers could also be used as small offices or apartments. If disaster strikes, some of the containers could be removed to use provide emergency housing or medical care units.

The inspiration for the design, developed for the Radical Innovation Awards, “lies in the idea of maximum flexibility and mobility, a trend that is embodied in our modern way of life,” the architects write in a description of the project.

Ideally, this kind of structure would be found in cities all over the world, and you’d be able to ship your home office or apartment with you as you traveled to Singapore or Hong Kong. Even more ideally, hotels would become super cheap as advertising revenue rolled in. Or you might just have to fork over a few hundred bucks to stay in a room with a Ferrari-themed mini bar.

[H/T: designboom]SF