The Stars Of Viral Cat Videos, Animated

U.K. illustrator Richard Swarbrick is known for his vivid YouTube animations, which are rendered in a style that is best described as swirling chalk drawings. Swarbrick has used his ample talents to bring distinctly British subjects such as Doctor Who and Liverpool football matches to life.

Now, with his latest animation, Swarbrick has hit upon a subject as universal as the Internet itself: the crazy-popular cats of YouTube. Backed up by the dreamy music of Empathy Test, Swarbrick has busted out, arguably, with the greatest line-drawing animation to hit the Internet since the literal adaptation of Ah-Ha’s Take on Me.

You will recognize these cats. You might not know their names, or even when you first saw them, but you know them. That tabby licking the end of a vacuum cleaner? Roomba Cat! That scared feline prancing off camera on his hind legs? Yup. And so on. Excellent work, Mr. Swarbrick.

You can see more of Richard Swarbrick’s work here.JB