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A Map Of Distinguished Places To Get Drunk In NYC

The best gussied-up, trendy, and artisanal drinks in town.

A Map Of Distinguished Places To Get Drunk In NYC

[Image: Radegast Bier Hall in Brooklyn via Flickr user Shawn Hoke]

There are easily thousands of bars in New York City. And while there are the maps of historic watering holes, and lists of the city's best new bars, there has yet to exist a savvy map of the new drinking staples in town. Luckily, Pop Chart Lab's latest print, The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City, is a handy compendium of New York's most refined places to go when you want to get a buzz on.

The Brooklyn-based graphic design studio has compiled a list of the 200 establishments most worthy of your dollar, and has organized them by wine bars, beer halls, whiskey bars, tequila bars, and cocktail lounges. Categories are color-coded, and are easily distinguishable against the black-and-white city in the background. Because some locales, of course, serve killer margaritas and excellent microbrews, the Pop Chart designers have added a second strip of color next to the bars pulling double duty.

Just the way upscale urban drinking tends to follows the city's most in-demand neighborhoods, so does this map, which covers three out of five boroughs. Put differently: New Yorkers will find few undiscovered gems here. So treat the map like a libation-themed bucket list.

Each print is being sold for the early bird price of $23, here.