The Frozen, Stoic Existence Of A Wildlife Photographer

For most of us, an adventure is a voyage to a new dim sum place, or going for that double macchiato for a change. But for Asgeir Helgestad, adventure is just another day at the office. It helps that his office consists of the mountains of Norway.

In this beautiful artist portrait, we get a peek inside a day of Helgestad’s life. Beyond a near-comical amount of gorgeous imagery (I mean, c’mon, you’re just rubbing it in after a while), Helgestad shares a few revelations, such as the fact that his goal is not necessarily to get close to his animal subjects, but to become part of their world and capture that feeling. He also insists that he doesn’t see the cold as a problem because it’s in this seemingly harsh climate that animals behave naturally. It enables him to do the work that he loves.

Well, that, and a really, really thick coat.

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[Hat tip: PetaPixel]MW