A Crazy-Fast Tool For Building Moodboards

Mood boards are a powerful tool in design. Essentially a collage of images–consisting of art, architecture, nature, furniture, and more–they can frame the creative bounds of a project in unspoken, visual terms. But assembling these photo libraries can take time. Think of the drudgery of Google image search after Google image search, then tracking down each source photo link from the tiny thumbnail preview to save it for later.

Now, a new tool called ImagePacker–created by redditor thoriumoakenshield–streamlines the image collection process. It’s a web app that sits on top of Bing’s image search and which lets you single-click individual thumbnails to add their full-sized photo counterparts into one download.

How does this play out practically? It means you can search “desks,” then click click click a few desks with your mouse and add them to your library. Then you can search “clowns,” and click a few clowns into that same library. When you’re done, one last click downloads all of the images in your library–clowns and desks alike–as one .zip file.

The web app is free to use, and doesn’t require any sort of special login or installations to access. So there’s no harm in giving it a quick spin.

Try it here.

[Hat tip: reddit]MW