• 04.30.14

MoMA Design Store To Sell Kickstarter-Funded Goodies

It’s official: “Kickstarter-funded” has some swell design cache.

One of the most discerning design shops in the country is about to start selling crowdsourced goods. On May 13, 24 Kickstarter-funded items from 20 different international designers will be available for purchase at the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store. That includes an Instagram projector machine, an adorable talking raccoon, a graphic guide to learning Chinese, and more.


It’s a significant step for a store that’s often seen as a barometer of contemporary design trends. Perhaps best known for selling established design objects–whether a Jeff Koons teacup set or a Dieter Rams calculator for Braun–the Design Store also champions the work of up-and-comers. “So many of the most impressive, new, and innovative products we have been finding lately kept leading us back to Kickstarter,” Emmanuel Platt, the director of merchandising, says. That a talking raccoon, which raised more than $80,000 on Kickstarter to help parents playfully communicate with their children, will soon be available at the Design Store speaks volumes about the design industry today: good ideas can float to the top of the heap, no matter how they get to market.

Two of the products here are Design Store exclusives (The Annual Clock and Studio Cheha Lamp); everything was funded through Kickstarter. All the products can be bought at MoMA from May 13 to June 16.

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Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.