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Infographic of the Day

An Illustrated Guide To The Biggest Dragons In Fantasy

From Charizard to Smaug to Balerion.

An Illustrated Guide To The Biggest Dragons In Fantasy

Who'd win in a fight, Smaug from Tolkien’s The Hobbit or Balerion in Game of Thrones?

To settle hypothetical dragon-fight scores, the awesomely geeky folks over at The Daily Dot did some research into the sizes of famous dragons across various fantasy universes. From Mushu in Mulan to Harry Potter’s Hungarian Horntail to Shenlong from Dragon Ball Z, the dragons are ordered smallest-to-largest in an infographic by Max Fleishman and Fernando Alfonso III.

The most fearsomely large of all? Game of Thrones’ Balerion, who, at the time of his death (at the ripe age of 200), measured an estimated 450 feet long—one and a half times the length of a football field. He makes Smaug, a mere 196 feet long, look like a salamander in comparison.

At the can-you-even-call-it-a-dragon end of the spectrum, we have Pokemon’s petite Charizard, who stands at 5’7", even after evolving from Charmander. At least he looks cool on a holographic card.

For more on the researchers' meticulous techniques for measuring fictional dragons, head over to The Daily Dot.