• 05.06.14

Now You Can Wear The Rug From “The Shining”

You’ll look killer in this knitwear inspired by the famous orange, brown, and magenta carpet print from the Overlook Hotel.

It’s a twisted individual who watches Stanely Kubrick’s The Shining and wishes they could be swaddled in sweaters made of the Overlook Hotel carpet’s hexagonal pattern. (It’s the carpet over which young Danny Torrence rides his tricycle on his fateful visit to Room 237.) But some such twisted individuals over at art boutique Mondo have created a line of Shining-inspired knitwear, including a sweater, cardigan, scarf, and ski mask, as well as two sizes of floor rugs. Thanks to the Mondo 237 Collection, the bright orange, brown, and magenta patterns can now grace (or curse) your wardrobe and living room. Unfortunately, Mondo didn’t expand the line to include the powder blue frocks worn by the film’s ultra-creepy twin girls,but there’s still time.


Preorders for the collection are open now. Those who preorder a sweater early will also get a limited edition die-cut room 237 key. Just don’t complain if naked zombie ladies start showing up in your bathtub.

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Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.