Booze You Can Bowl With

Most of us are pretty proud of ourselves when we recycle a bottle instead of throwing it into the trash. But recycling isn’t a perfect process. If you’re recycling aluminum, it’s highly efficient, but glass–which is so beloved for beer and wine drinkers–is ostensibly a wash.

Enter Ford Jekson, a conceptual drink by Constantin Bolimond. It reimagines the six-pack as a reusable toy that you can bowl with. Each bottle becomes a pin, and a ball–which appears to have no practical purpose beyond being a ball–comes packaged with it to complete the game.

Of course, the rendering here appears to be an intricately lathed set of wooden pins–which would presumably be both expensive and environmentally unfriendly to produce. But you could take this same idea and build it in existing materials, such as plastic or aluminum (albeit less elegantly).

The only catch is that Bolimond’s concept still couldn’t work for pesky glass, unless the bowling game were a shatteringly fun one-time-use experience. Although to anyone who has just consumed a six-pack, that probably sounds like a pretty good idea.

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[Hat tip: Packaging of the World]MW