Carpets For Space Geeks

Photorealistic rugs bring the cosmos down to earth.

Swiss design studio Schönstaub has created exquisite carpets with designs that (literally) hail from the cosmos. The Nebula collection of rugs are the work of designers Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen, who have been collaborating since 2010, when they worked on a joint project at the Zurich University of Arts. Their work uniquely merges photography with cutting-edge carpet weaving technologies.


For this collection, the duo sourced images of the cosmos from the Hubble Space Telescope page on NASA’s website. They then outsourced the construction to Schönherr, a German company known for looms that specialize in high-density weaving. The Nebula pieces, for instance, are woven at a resolution of 162,000 dots per square foot–a photorealistic thread count.

Buy a rug ($2,190) and get the universe.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.