A French Press In A Pouch That Brews On The Go

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen woke up one morning to no coffee filters–something of a disaster. Thankfully, he is CEO of the Danish artisanal coffee company Growers Cup, so he had the resources to create a way to enjoy a rich cup of coffee with minimal equipment. His solution: the Coffeebrewer, a pourable pouch that brews coffee in a hurry.

Growers Cup describes the Coffeebrewer as a single-brew French press, although the method more closely resembles a pour-over in a pouch. (The company claims the taste is equivalent to a French press.)

The resealable pouch comes with enough ground coffee to make two cups. You open it, pour hot water in, seal it, and let it brew (kind of like, um, a French press). The flat, disposable pouches may not be the best environmental choice, but they are perfect for traveling. Those of us who can’t tolerate not enjoying an impeccable brew in some unknown hotel now have options. That’s assuming you have the cojones to sneak the pouch into a dining room and ask a perplexed, uncertain server to pour water into it. Campers, this is for you too. And people in L.A. who do everything in their cars: You just saved 10 minutes off your commute.