• 05.13.14

Ikea Helps Find Families For Homeless Dogs

Home for Hope, a new collaboration between leading furniture retailers and animal shelters, encourages customers to adopt pets from overcrowded shelters.

Ikea Helps Find Families For Homeless Dogs
[Image: Australian Shepherd via Shutterstock]

Ikea now sells fully assembled dogs.


With Home for Hope, the Swedish furniture giant uses a smart design solution to help find families for thousands of homeless canines living in shelters.

In collaboration with the Animal Lovers League Shelter and the Save Our Street Dogs shelter, Ikea took photographs of homeless dogs, then created life-size cardboard cutouts from these photographs. These cardboard canines are set around Ikea showrooms: They sit, adorably, on carpets, they perch on chairs, and they beg at dinner tables. Shoppers become potential adopters by scanning the codes on the cardboard dogs’ collars. Each adoptable dog has a bio and video on the Home for Hope website.


Even if most customers don’t adopt, the project raises much-needed awareness of the plight of animals living in shelters and the importance of adoption, which helps curb the inhumane practices of puppy mills, which make profits at the expense of dogs’ welfare. Shelters, because they tend to have limited budgets, can only afford to publicize through their social media pages. But most followers of these pages are already animal lovers and pet-owners, so they don’t often adopt. Home for Hope gets the word out to anyone looking to furnish their home with both a new futon and a new pet.

Since the project’s launch, other leading furniture retailers, including Foundry and Grafunkt, have stepped up and offered their showrooms as Home for Hope sites. To learn more, and to meet the dogs up for adoption, visit the Home for Hope website.

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