6 Starchitects Wearing Their Most Famous Buildings As Hats

Starchitects are a kind of royalty in their own right, so why shouldn’t they have crowns? Architects wearing their own buildings as hats is a new project by illustrator Paul Tuller. Based in Brooklyn, Tuller’s illustrations and caricatures have been featured in a number of different publications, including Fast Company.

If only we’d commissioned these! In a series of six prints called The Kings and Queens of Architecture, Peter Eisenman wears his post-functional House series on his head, like a derby. David Adjaye gets the Skolkovo Business School building as coronet, while Rem Koolhaas adjusts his fez-like Chinese Central Television building upon his bald pate. Like some sort of futuristic queen regent, Zaha Hadid wears the Heydar Aliyev Center. Bjarke Ingels, on the other hand, looks as if he folded himself a newspaper tricorner in the way of his famous Mountain building. Daniel Libeskind has the extension building of the Denver Art Museum as a helmet on his head.

Each of Tuller’s Kings and Queens of Architecture caricatures is available as a Giclée print, starting at $18. You can also buy all six portraits in one print starting at $17. All of Tuller’s prints are available online at Society6.

You have to wonder if these architects were milliners, would they really all wear hats like this? Or would their styles become suddenly a lot more conservative?