Shutterstock: The U.S. Still Doesn’t Give A Crap About Soccer

Stock photo site Shutterstock sees the world through the lens of the images that people license. As the FIFA World Cup approaches, Shutterstock has kept tabs on the soccer-themed imagery being used by marketers around the world.

And the results are revealing: Last year, 53,903 soccer images were added to Shutterstock’s database, and image downloads worldwide went up by 91% from 2013 to 2014. But that swell in demand isn’t as evenly dispersed as Shutterstock’s global clientele. The downloads-per-country graphs show that the average Brazilian customer has downloaded almost 20 images. That’s way more than the average 13 in Mexico, six in Germany–and four in the U.S.

Shutterstock can’t account for fans everywhere, but the results reveal the demographic patterns by which marketers and advertisers will be pushing products to the masses.

Judging by these download numbers, it would appear that soccer isn’t yet poised to become the new American pastime, despite projections that say otherwise.

For now, at least, it’s still a comparatively niche cultural interest–bad news for our national team, but good news for the Europhiles and sports-loving literati who have no problem scoring a seat at their favorite pub.MR