• 05.13.14

Just A Man And His Cape: Superheroes Get Some Alone Time With Nature

A French photographer gives Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman and more rare moments of quiet rest in the wilderness in this digitally manipulated series.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman, getting in touch with his sensitive side!


In his series “The Quest for the Absolute,” French photographer and digital artist Benoit Lapray shows us a side of superhero life we don’t often see. Here, the likes of Captain America, Catwoman, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman enjoy moments of caped contemplation in the wilderness, action-free. Away from all the kapow-ing and kablam-ing of their comic book worlds, they’re free to indulge their inner emo kids. “Perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?” Lapray says in his artist’s statement.

Lapray digitally inserts these comic book stars into gorgeous landscapes. Spidey mopes in a mountain range (he’s allowed a little teenage angst), Wonder Woman wonders about the meaning of life by a waterfall, Superman gets moody at a cliff’s edge. We’ve all fantasized about acquiring superpowers, but the truth is, superheroes get super stressed! Between killing Jokers and Green Goblins and having to wear all that spandex, they could all probably benefit from a little quiet alone time, if not years of psychotherapy. The series is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but comic book nerds might find themselves moved by seeing their idols communing with nature in these poignant tableaux.

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