Futuristic Clothes Keep You Off Social Media, By Blocking Cell Signals

Our technology addiction has come full circle, and we now live in an era of forced phone-and-tablet detoxing. There are camps for it, and we’ve enthusiastically extolled the virtues of unplugging here at Fast Company as well.

For a short-term solution, tech accessories can create a faux Airplane Mode, such as this Blokket pouch. Then there are entire outfits, including these by Japanese conceptual fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga. The Focus collection of apparel is made of a fabric with fibers that shut down nearby cell-phone frequencies. “The design concept was ‘protection gear in the future urban landscape,'” says Masashi Kawamura, one of the design collaborators. “It uses fabrication techniques used in outdoor gear, but in our case, it protects us from information and social media that eats up the time we spend in real life.”

The silhouettes used in the Focus collection are more or less appropriate for whatever you happen to be doing in normal, on-grid life. Metallic finish aside, the jacket has the shape of a standard down winter coat, and the white collared shirt could pass for normal in any office environment.

All of Tokyo-based Morinaga’s designs are conceptual (to wit: one of his recent look books features models wearing full face masks). Likewise, Focus is a concept line–for now. Kawamura tells Co.Design that the pieces are still too complicated to be mass-produced, but that the team of collaborators (which includes media companies PARTY and AID-DCC, and Mondelez, the ad agency behind Trident Gum) will continue to explore developing Focus.MR