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A Decade Of Construction At Ground Zero, Condensed Into 2 Minutes [Video]

Earthcam turned 1 million images from the cleanup and construction of the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero into a two-minute film.

As the National September 11 Memorial Museum opens its doors to the public this week, EarthCam, the live webcam company that has trained its cameras on the site since a few days after the attacks, is offering a look back on its construction. The museum and surrounding memorial have been more than a decade in the making, and EarthCam has captured 4,617 days of footage, cutting more than a million images into a timelapse that shows how the 16-acre site has transformed since 2004.

The film offers a fascinating glimpse into process of turning a massive, 70-foot-deep hole into an underground museum and a tree-filled memorial site.

EarthCam’s feed of the site is still running live. Watch it at the memorial’s website.

[H/T: Mashable]