Sweat Tailor: Sweatpants And Jeans Rolled Into One

For the fashion-conscious, wearing sweatpants in public is a cardinal sin, excusable only if you’re working out or doing laundry. Otherwise, sweatpants-wearers get stereotyped as hungover or recently dumped.

To the delight of I-can’t-be-bothered types, a new company, Sweat Tailor, aims to reverse the trend. They’ve come up with something that, they say, combines the comfort of sweatpants with the fit and style of tailored pants.

“We couldn’t find a pair of sweatpants that were not only comfortable, but also suitable for practical everyday use,” designers Aaron Hoffman and Benjy Smith say in a video explaining their product, which they’re currently funding on Kickstarter. Traditional sweatpants are often too short or too long. They tighten awkwardly at the ankle or they balloon out like clown pants. But Sweat Tailor sticks with tailored waist and inseam sizing, like jeans, as opposed to the usual S/M/L/XL sweatpants sizing. Also like jeans, these cozy slacks have reinforced belt loops, zippers, and five pockets, including an iPhone-sized pocket in place of the old-school watch pocket. But instead of denim, they’re made from a custom cotton blend with a small amount of Spandex.

There is, of course, the question of whether men donning these sweats-posing-as-jeans really be able to be taken seriously, whether it’s on the golf course or at the office on a (super) casual Friday. (We even thought the concept might be a joke, at first.)

But it’s true that in the past few years, designers are increasingly paying attention to comfort in fashion, from the spread of normcore from Midwestern malls to art school crowds and to the ingenious invention of jeggings. Perhaps Sweat Tailor will add to this cozy trend.

Sweat Tailor men’s pants are available on Kickstarter for $79. A women’s line is coming soon.