Infographic: 165 Killer Basketball Jerseys

As the final battle of the NBA season nears, we present this stellar infographic from Pop Chart Lab, which delineates a whopping 165 jerseys spanning nearly a century.

The infographic–available as a poster–includes a huge variety of jerseys. Not all of them have been worn by teams in NBA. There are a few novelty jerseys, including the Bad Boy Records jersey worn by the Notorious B.I.G. in the music video for his song Juicy, and the teal-on-black MonStars jersey from the notoriously awful movie Space Jam. There are all-star jerseys, jerseys from semi-pro teams, and jerseys from the long-dead American Basketball Association–which ceased to exist in 1976 when some of its teams merged into the NBA.

There are alternate jerseys from special theme nights (“Los Mavericks” from Latin night, anyone?) and some jerseys that might seem familiar, now that many NBA teams are wearing “throwback” jerseys from their own pasts.

Pre-order the poster over at Pop Chart Lab for $28.DN