Half-Desk, Half-Bed: Who Said Cubicles Had To Be Boring?

With the war against cubicles and open office spaces gaining more traction, Matali Crasset’s new design could be a future solution for trendy startups. The cubicle transforms from a desk to a bed in an instant.

Appropriately dubbed Deep Attention and Sleep, the cublicle has a tall, orange foam board set right against the desk. When you’re feeling sleepy, just pop the board out from the back and lay it flat to create a comfortable napping spot. When set against the desk, the board acts like a wall, blocking out visual distractions. This is especially desirable, seeing as many people cite lack of privacy as one of the biggest problems with open offices.

Furthermore, most furniture designed for an office doesn’t easily translate to the home. But that isn’t the case with Crasset’s design, which is versatile and stylish enough to live in a home office or study. The design combines efficiency, sleep, and sociability all in one, allowing for both work and play.

Designed for Italian furniture maker Campeggi, the item reminds us of Crasset’s other collaboration with them called Sweet Talk and Dream. Now if Crasset could also design American work spaces, maybe all of our office woes would be solved.

[H/T: Design-Milk]HH