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Watch This Insanely Terrifying Supercell Thunderstorm

It looks like a flying saucer made of angry clouds is about to devour Missouri.

Watch This Insanely Terrifying Supercell Thunderstorm

Of the four different categories of thunderstorm, supercell is the worst. A rare confluence of warm air and precipitation creates a mesocyclone vortex, a swirling juggernaut of a storm that produces huge quantities of hail and roars by at over 100 miles per hour, affecting the land for miles and miles. And this timelapse video shows one taking shape and letting loose its fury.

On May 10th, a supercell thunderstorm smashed through Missouri, near Kansas City. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that hail "up to the size of softballs" crashed to the ground. Meanwhile, photographer Stephen Locke was there to capture the storm, with all of its wind, clouds, rain, and lightning. It's incredible to watch what Mother Nature is capable of.

[via Colossal]