Kangaroo Light Will Help You Spelunk The Dark Caverns Of Your Bag

It’s difficult to see what’s going on at the dank bottom of your bag or backpack amidst the cracker crumbs, tissues, headphones, receipts, and who knows what else down there. A new Kickstarter might have a solution.

Studio Banana Things, based in Madrid, previously brought us the Ostrich Pillow, a tube-shaped pillow that you strap around your sleepy face before resting it on an airplane window or the uncomfortable person next to you. The Kangaroo Light, the studio’s newest project, is designed to tackle the major problem of: “Hold on, I definitely have a pen in my bag, somewhere.”

The foldable grid of glowing LED triangles is soft and bendable, and its stated function is, in short, to softly illuminate the inside of your bag. It has a few different modes, so it can flicker or pulse or produce different levels of light, and conveniently charges via USB. But it can also be used anywhere that a nice-looking soft light would come in handy: while camping, during power outages, as a reading light in bed, or to create spooky shadows on your face to scare small children.

With 32 days left, Studio Banana Things has already snagged £17,761 of its £50,000 goal, so it seems pretty likely that the project will be funded. The Kangaroo Lights will eventually be sold for around $75 USD each, although the early-bird special for Kickstarter funders will get you one for about $67. The team estimates delivery in October of this year.