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A Web App Where Emojis Fly At Your Face

Flying toasters. Saxophone emoji. Teeth-gritting smiley face emoji. They are all here.

A Web App Where Emojis Fly At Your Face

Remember that old screensaver where you're zooming through space and stars and stuff come flying at your face? What if that stuff was actually emoji? That's the unlikely, ridiculous question asked and answered by developer OKFocus with its new web "app," (which is also its URL, now that .zone is an acceptable domain). is simple: emojis fly at the screen. If you move the cursor your perspective changes a little bit, like you're in the cockpit of an airplane, tilting the nose up and down, left and right. At no point will any of the emojis splatter onto your screen like a bug on a windshield. It won't happen, we tried for quite a long time.

It's a perfect blend of love of emoji and love of weird old Internet stuff. Here, go nuts.