Honeycomb Storage Units Are The Bee’s Knees

Scissors. Pens. Screws. Ikea Allen wrenches. We humans accumulate a lot of stuff. Our default is to shove it away in a junk drawer–a space dedicated to disorganization.

Hyve (starting at $19 on Kickstarter) is an elegant solution. Designed by Herbst Produkt, the series of hexagonal cups snap together in any arrangement you like. With bundled adapters, the entire hive can even stick to a wall or magnetic surface.

The hexagons make for an attractive honeycomb aesthetic, but the geometry is about more than superficial flourish. A flock of circular containers–like your typical pencil holder–would leave a lot of dead space between the edges. Hexagons can connect edge-to-edge. And, it turns out, hexagons are versatile in terms of shape, too.

“We spent weeks studying different geometric patterns that might accommodate our versatility and nest closely (circles, squares, triangles),” designer Scot Herbst tells Co.Design. “Ultimately, the hex was the optimum design for its function and broadly accommodating form–everything from tools to thumbtacks and even sunglasses.”

The hexagon wasn’t the only geometrical challenge behind the creation of Hyve. The team’s biggest source of stress came down to the tiniest of details: The clip that connects one Hyve unit to another.

“The geometry and math involved in perfecting our QuickClip was a bit stressful,” Herbst explains. “We actually had to go to mass production tooling to simulate the performance we needed.”

As a result, Kickstarters backing the Hyve today should have a product that may be a rarity for the service: It will work every bit as well as advertised.