Movie Posters That Place The Focus Where It Belongs: On The Cars

Jesús Prudencio, a graphic designer and artist based in Seville, Spain, has a great collection of movie posters that recognize the importance of cars to movies and TV shows. What would Back to the Future be without the DeLorean? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off without the Ferrari GT California?

American movies and TV shows especially select cars very carefully; a character’s car can be a shorthand for who that character is (think Ron Livingston’s anonymous compact sedan in Office Space, the beat-up police cruiser in Blues Brothers), who the character was, or who the character wants to be. Or it might be a key part of the plot of the movie: the station wagon in National Lampoon’s Vacation, say.

Prudencio crafted minimalist, slightly retro movie posters that totally abandon any effort of describing the plot with taglines, of listing the movie stars within, or of trying to draw you in with wackiness or explosions. It’s just the car. We’ve seen other ways of tackling movie posters–by using pop art, GIFs, and basic line drawings, among things–but we’ve never seen one with cars before.

The only one that’s missing: Blade Runner. How can you not have the flying police car?

You can buy very lovely prints of Prudencio’s “Cars and Films” series on Etsy.

[via High Snobiety]