• 06.06.14

This Guy Wants To Build A Beach On A Boat For Sun-Starved New Yorkers

A floating barge for Manhattan? Sure!

This Guy Wants To Build A Beach On A Boat For Sun-Starved New Yorkers
[Images: Courtesy of workshop/apd]

Just in time for summer, a New York entrepreneur and experience designer has proposed a solution for all the Manhattan beach bunnies who are tired of venturing off their 23-square mile island paradise to go to the beach: Just put a beach on a boat, and float it in the river!


Blayne Ross has proposed building a beach on a barge that would float in the Hudson River. Ross, who has a background in residential and commercial design, is working with design firm workshop/apd and Craft Engineering to create a simulated seaside atmosphere. CityBeach NYC is launching on Kickstarter later this month and will (fingers crossed) be ready for summer 2016.

The barge is designed to accommodate sandy sunbathers on a 16-foot-tall structure covered with artificial dunes. A food court would take up the main deck below the beach. Changing rooms, towel rentals, a surf shop, and a marine science lab for children would take up the lower deck of the barge. According to CityBeachNYC, the initial location of the floating party beach would likely be near Hudson River Park, and admission would be free. The company plans to make money through chair and umbrella rentals.

One issue is that going to this “beach” doesn’t actually involve dipping any part of your body in water. Not that swimming in the Hudson River is that great of an idea anyway (the NY Department of Environmental Conservation calls it “generally” safe), but personally I’m pretty opposed to wearing my bathing suit when there’s zero chance it’ll come into contact with water.

But you can lay out a beach towel, catch some rays, get sand lodged in bodily crevices you didn’t know you had, and maybe hit up the surf shop afterward. If the Kickstarter gets funded (the designers are asking for $200,000) and the project actually materializes, of course. For now, at least, you’ll have to stick to some of New York City’s other opportunities to sprawl in the sand.

[H/T: Curbed NY, reddit]

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