• 06.09.14

Finally, Furniture That Won’t Look Worse If You Splatter Paint On It

Speckles of paint modernize these leather stools and benches from the Swiss design pair Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo.

In their the “Never Too Much” project, the Swiss design duo Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, play with different materials and preparations for simple furniture (a bench and stool) and some bowls. Each is individually patterned with speckles of paint–some splotches are large, others miniscule. The preparations, too, differ, due in part to the materials used.


The benches consist of leather-wrapped metal. The leather is stretched tight over the base like a skin. Those skins are tanned and dried, then sprayed with vegetable-based stains. The bowls, though, are made of enameled layers. Each layer has its own pattern and is baked on, creating real depth of color.

The form is designed to be as simple as possible: Basic geometric shapes are the main elements. The bench is nothing more than a four-sided rectangle–a beam resting on a cylinder and a box. The stool is a simple cylinder. The bowls are generously sized, and are wide, round, and shallow. All importantly, they’re gorgeous place settings.

The project was recently shown at Studio 94 in New York.

[via It’s Nice That]

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