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Christian Siriano To Judge "Project Runway" For Teens On Lifetime

Lifetime has just announced a fashion competition reality show for teenage designers. FIERCE.

Christian Siriano To Judge “Project Runway” For Teens On Lifetime

[Image: Christian Siriano via S Buckley / Shutterstock]

If you thought Project Runway was juicy and addictive, with its fashion drama queens, speed-design challenges, and icy judges, imagine injecting it with the raging hormones of adolescence. There you have the premise of Lifetime’s newly announced Threads, a Project Runway-inspired fashion competition reality show for teenage designers.

It will be judged in part by 28-year-old fashion designer Christian Siriano, who won the fourth season of Project Runway, with Vanessa Simmons (daughter of Rev Run of RunDMC) hosting. Special guests on the first season will include Kelly Osbourne and actress and model Jaime King.

Threads is the latest in a series of teenybopper spinoffs of popular reality shows, like American Idol: Juniors and Master Chef Juniors. But the idea of the most flamboyantly dressed aspiring designers from high schools around the country vying to impress the king of flamboyance himself sounds far better than these previous shows.

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