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Vote For Your Favorite Rejected Logo

One company is offering $500 to the best rejected logo.

Vote For Your Favorite Rejected Logo

Every graphic designer has suffered horror-story clients who insists that vintage AOL was the height of interface design or who reject a design with the request to "make it pop." And while coping is part of the job, nobody says you can’t be petty while trying reconciling your total annoyance.

The Rejected Logo Competition wants your vector vitriol. In this promotional campaign by Print Express, you upload your rejected logo, watch as people vote on their favorite failure, and see if you win the $500 prize, along with something far more valuable: professional affirmation.

So far, there are just a dozen entries on the site. And to be honest, the work feels perfectly adequate, albeit a bit trope-ish. (My favorite piece might be the minimal Pin Dog.) So, to be honest, (sorry, designers) I can kind of understand why these logos were rejected, even though I haven't seen each logo's client brief.

Here’s hoping the competition gets a bit more heated.

Enter it here.