• 06.11.14

Designer Translates Nature’s Jagged Patterns Into Sound Waves

A Ukrainian designer mimics the silhouettes of mountain ranges, tree lines, jet streams, and other patterns with illustrations of sound frequencies.

It’s a natural human tendency to see patterns and forms in abstract landscapes–we think clouds look like animals and draw constellations in random smatterings of stars.


In her series “Sound Form Wave,” Ukrainian designer Anna Marinenko draws a fresh comparison between visualized sound waves and jaggedly oscillating patterns in our natural environments. Mountain ranges, cityscapes, far-off tree lines, jet streams, and speedboat wakes are juxtaposed with graphics that reconsider their shapes as sound frequencies. The effect is at first beautiful–because the images blend so well. And then, as your eye adjusts, the effect is slightly jarring.

We appreciate the doubletake on these images. Now we’d like to hear what these landscapes actually sound like–is there a conceptual noise piece in Marinenko’s future? We hope so.

[h/t Designboom]

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