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Paper Cut Razor Makes Me Cringe Just Thinking About It

Turning the cursed paper cut into an elaborate papercraft pun.

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Ah, the cursed paper cut. Scourge of office workers, old-timey readers, and packers of boxes. What possible good could a paper cut do in this world, you might ask. Designer Nadeem Haidary answered that question with a proposition: how about using paper cuts to cut something we actually want to cut?

Enter the Paper Cut Razor, a papercraft model of a disposable razor made out of a single piece of paper. Equipped with three slits meant to mimic the multi-bladed design of most modern razors, the Paper Cut Razor certainly looks real, and Haidary notes that it's made of water-resistant paper to avoid turning to mush when interacting with water. He even posted a GIF of the razor in "action":

On the other hand, the project is a mere concept—Haidary tells us in an email that it's "meant to illustrate a design idea, but it doesn't actually work." Still! Looks cool, and we're always in favor of elaborate papercraft.

[Ed. Note: Puns. Ugh. Sigh. -AC]

[via Designboom]