The Ugly Power Cord Gets A Sculptural Makeover

There’s a limit to what you can do with that ugly tangle of power cords and adapters in the corner. Or is there? Los Angeles-based design studio Okum, headed up by designer David Okum, has reconceived the cord-tangle and the result is a rather pretty, playful sculpture otherwise known as the Oon powercord.

It’s a thoughtful design. The studio embedded three electrical outlets into colorful blocks of maple wood, and strung the wood along a cord whose true nature (as a cord) is disguised by large wooden beads. The usual white plastic casing that grays and frays over time is wonderfully gone. It’s replaced by a cloth cord that comes in several bright colors. The outlets flex every which way to make it a more adaptive adapter. The whole thing looks a bit like a cool chunky necklace or a collection of old-school baby toys. It turns an ugly necessity into something fun, the very embodiment of the studio’s devotion to creating “everyday objects of ingrained detail.”

The Oon power outlet is available for $79 here.

[h/t Designboom]CD