• 06.17.14

Photographer Captures Everyday Life In France From Above

Parisians all seem to have really nice apartments.

We love sneaky glimpses into other people’s lives, which is why we’ve been known to trawl real estate listings of the extraordinarily wealthy. Now, a new series by French photographer Florian Beaudenon takes that up a notch by featuring people caught from above, and inside, as they go about their daily lives.


The series, titled “Instant Life,” shows a variety of French women as they live their seemingly cool French lives–sitting on distressed wood floors writing in a journal, painting abstract paintings, working on a bike, cuddling a ferret, and sitting on a bed surrounded by sex toys. The camera hovers directly above its subjects, so the shots are taken at close range; it’s a smart trick because we enter each woman’s personal space but never see her face. (Note to Francophiles: stock up on ferrets and vibrators, and ditch your carpet.)

The series is on display in a bar in Paris called “The Brooklyn,” which, curiously, features French dishes such as terrine and American dishes, including cheesesteak. The photos will be on display at The Brooklyn until June 30, or you can check them out on Beaudenon’s site.

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