Tumblr About Business Jargon Is A Window Of Opportunity For Reimagining Linguistic Pain Points

On her Tumblr blog “Use Sparingly,” New York-based designer and creative director Gena Larson gives the abuse of English that is business jargon some much-deserved flack. She cleverly reimagines (oh, crap) the definitions of grating, overused expressions.

For the blissfully ignorant, Larson defines “jargon” as “a business dialect spoken by many but understood by few.” For example, where normal people simply use, businesspeople utilize. Generally, there’s way too much –izing going on altogether (conceptualizing, incentivizing, monetizing). Then there are phrases that seem better suited for old-timey farm work than for office buildings–“ducks in a row,” “circle the wagons,” “best-of-breed,” “horse in this race.” Combine those with downright sci-fi, culty-sounding terms–mindshare, thought leadership, future-proof–and you have the insufferable, indecipherable language that is business-speak.

We should see Larson’s commentary as a window of opportunity to facilitate a paradigm shift in business vocabulary–who wants to be that game changer?

What are your most hated bits of business jargon? Sound off in the comments below.

[via DesignTaxi]CD