Fakes Flowers From 99-Cent Stores Turned Into Dazzling Psychedelic Images

Ninety-nine-cent stores are often treasure troves of weird tchotchkes you never knew you wanted. Ceramic angels? Out-of-season Easter baskets? Cheap calculators? They’ll all come in handy someday.

New York-based photographer Melissa Eder is an avid collector of such objects–she scours 99-cent stores across New York and New Jersey for things to use in her artwork. For her series “Can You Dig It? A Chromatic Series of Floral Arrangements,” she gathered plastic flower arrangements from these stores, all dyed in unnatural neons, and set them up against backdrops of printed spandex, from neon leopard print to marbled rainbow to sherbet-colored zigzags. She photographed them using a low-tech camera and rudimentary lighting. The resulting images are dazzling, full of psychedelic patterns and colors, almost glaringly bright. They serve as reminders that you don’t need to spend much more than 99 cents to create eye-popping art.

Five of these images are included in a group show, “In Full Swing,” at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, New Jersey, until June 30.

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