In An Attempt To Relive Its Glory Days, The Trapper Keeper Is Now An iPad Case

Ah, the Trapper Keeper. Truly one of the most iconic school supplies ever created, and with a fascinating story behind its creation, to boot. We wouldn’t blame either nostalgic adults or retro-minded youth for wanting to carry around that brightly patterned, padded folio design, but it might seem mere affectation given how little we actually need to use paper these days. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Kensington has partnered with Mead, maker of the original Trapper Keeper (and Five-Star Binder!), to create a new and more modern use for the classic envelope-style Trapper Keeper. Instead of holding paper, Kensington’s new “Mead-inspired” collection are actually tablet cases. There are two sizes, one for 10-inch tablets (like the full-sized iPad) and one for 7- to 8-inch tablets like the Nexus 7 or the smaller Kindle Fire tablet. It’s a solid design for a a folio-style tablet case: it’s not so much an envelope as it is a single sheet of padded material, folded over and then secured with a flap. The tablet itself is secured with four little loops, which go over the corners of the device. Since this is a modern tablet case, it’s set up to allow you to prop up the tablet at a nice viewing angle without having to remove it.

But our favorite part might be that Kensington decided to bring back some of the classic 1980s and 1990s patterns from the original Trapper Keeper. Those include bright reds and blues, stripes and polka dots, and even a speckled composition-book-style pattern. They’re available now–the smaller ones cost $25, and the larger ones $30, regardless of pattern.

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