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As If! Startup Tries To Recreate Cher's Virtual Closet In "Clueless"

"Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?"

As If! Startup Tries To Recreate Cher's Virtual Closet In “Clueless”

Back in 1995, a generation of teenage girls swooned at the sight of Clueless star Cher Horowitz’s virtual wardrobe. Now those outfit options (yellow plaid, or red Calvin?) are coming to your browser window, courtesy of London-based fashion startup Metail.

Metail has created a portal on its site where people can virtually try on of Cher's wardrobe, using MeModel, software Metail designed to improve the online shopping experience. Users enter their height, weight, and bra size, and the application visualizes clothes on a custom-built virtual body. With a few additional clicks, you can adjust waist and hip sizes, skin color, and more. The company has raised the equivalent of $9.3 million in funding and launched its first commercial partnership, with Clothing by Tesco, in 2012.

With #ShareYourCher, Metail is hoping to integrate a social experience that mimics the deliberations that take place in real-world dressing rooms—and capitalize on the enduring resonance of Clueless fashion, which hip-hop star Iggy Azalea recently featured in her "Fancy" music video. Metail plans to add MeModel sharing functionality to partner websites in the coming months.

And if your friends don’t agree with your fashion sensibility? Whatever.