Star Wars Characters Smushed Flat

Star Wars is to the Internet what the hamburger has become to haute chefs: an irresistible, low-brow platform that can be reworked into endless permutations. But haven’t we reached peak Star Wars? Is there any remake or mashup that hasn’t yet been done?

“I looked up online and apparently there isn’t any set of flat design/long shadow design Star Wars Icons,” writes Filipe Carvalho. Eureka! Carvalho, a copywriter by trade, found what was quite possibly the one missing link in the Star Wars remix universe. His icons combine flat design–the trend in graphics to celebrate their two-dimensional, paper-cut nature–and long shadows, the simulation of strong light sources and sharp cast shadows. And the results are every bit as shamefully delicious as six ounces of ground ostrich topped with a frisee, quail egg, and apple brandy compote.

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[Hat tip: TrendsNow]MW