The Prettiest Wireless Phone Charger We’ve Seen

Most of the wireless phone chargers on the market today are perfectly functional, but hideous. Not Swich, a wood-and-ceramic wireless charger with an elegant silhouette. It lifts your phone off the table and props it up at an angle conducive to performing tasks and viewing content.

A product design team in Slovenia developed Swich as a “timeless and organic” antidote to clunkier applications of Qi technology. It charges any Qi-enabled device, including iPhones and Android phones. And it conveniently lets you move your phone from a portrait to a landscape orientation.

Not unnoticed: It looks good. It’s a fine-looking charger that’s made of sustainable materials to boot (the wood is American walnut, with a straight grain). A “microsuction tape” holds your phone in place.

A Kickstarter campaign for Swich runs through July 29. Swich ships in November.

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